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Sick Stories

Can you tell a story about German Porn, Dirty Nappies, Jimmy Savile, Anal Beads, Grinding, Sniffing Glue, Happy Meals or Panda Sex?

How To Play Sick Stories

Tell a story while hiding 3 words without the other players guessing which 3 sick words. Seconds to learn, hours of fun! 2-10 players.
A card game where the art of deception and sick imaginations win.

Alternative Rules

adult story game

Don't Get Caught                 

A Backwards Game to Play in the Background

Each player gets one card at the start of the party.

During the night each player must try and slip in their three secret words without getting caught.

If you don't get caught then you win. If you wrongly accuse anyone of saying a secret word then you lose.

adult card game

Drinking Game

For the Hardcore Players

For every wrong guess you have to drink.

If nobody can guess any of your hidden words then all other players have to finish their drinks.


adult card game

Word Sneak

For Shits and Giggles

Each player has one card. Take it in turns to say a few sentences and try and sneak the hidden words into the conversation. If you get caught then you draw a new card. If you manage to say all 3 words without any fucker catching you then you win the round. Each player can call it at any time but if anyone has 3 wrong accusations then they are out of the round.

Watch Ricky Gervais Play Word Sneak

Sick Stories can be played like Word Sneak from The Tonight Show. Pick one card each and see if you can sneak one of your sick words into the conversation. 


Story Telling Just Got Sick

Pick up a copy of Sick Stories here! Who said story telling is boring?!

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