Bringing Say What?! to a party will sure as shit light that fucker up!

Say What?!

The Adult Party Game!

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Say What?! The Adult Party Game as featured on Beer and Board Games!

The adult party game about conjuring up clues about ridiculously disgusting cards. Like Cards Against Humanity but you have to use your imagination rather than using black cards.

3-6 Players. Age 17+



Our Biggest and Best Yet!

As described by one of our customers on Amazon "Funny and clever. Good combination of other game formats, such as deceit, betting, acting out and rude humour."

"We just played this for 5 hours each night. We had more laughs with this than Cards Against Humanity!"

"Highly recommended to anyone with a sick, dark or twisted sense of humour!"

"My new favourite game! Hilarious and competitive."

How To Play Say What?! The Adult Party Game

Bringing Say What?! to a party will sure as shit light that fucker up!
Step 1.
Each player gets 10 of the sick cards, 10 green chips and enough voting cards as there are players.

On your go pick one of your cards and say a clue about the card.

The clue shouldn’t be too obvious or too obscure so finding the perfect balance is crucial.

Step 2.
Place your card face down on the table. All other players then choose one card from their hand that closely matches the clue. All cards are placed face down on the table and shuffled together.

All cards are then dealt face up on the place holder cards which are lettered A-F (for up to 6 players).

Step 3.
All other players now choose a letter card and bet some chips on which card they think the initial clue was about.

Reveal the correct card by placing the bottle opener on it.

The players that guessed the correct card win the same amount of chips that they bet. Incorrect bets go to the player that fooled them.

What The Video To See How To Play
Say What?! The Adult Party Game.

3-6 Players (though you can play with 2 players if you pretend someone else has played a card. Sometimes the randomly picked card of the invisible man can beat a real player so if this happens then you really need to take a long look at yourself in the mirror)

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The strategic, twisted, fun, dark, crude and rude hilarious adult party card game.

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