Card Abuse - Drinking Game

Our best selling drinking game full of spunk, minge and thundercunts!

Best Drinking Game Ever!

Have you done anything lately that’s worth remembering? If not then you need this game!

Deeply penetrates the brain of anyone who is easily offended by a rude drinking game.

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Our Best Selling Drinking Game!

Inappropriate Words On Cards Makes The Best Adult Card Game Ever!

- 10 seconds to learn, 2 minutes to play

- Match the swear words and shout abuse at your friends. Match a drinking word and you have to drink

- The most fun you can have with a deck of cards, liquid shit, cunt drizzle, bumblefucks, and smeg.

- Like a rude Dobble Game but much better and wetter.

- Click here to test yourself in our online interactive version of Card Abuse.

Step 1.

Deal one card to each player then turn over the middle deck.

Card Abuse Game

Step 2.

Match the swear words and shout abuse at each other.

Card Abuse Game

Step 3.

Give the card from the middle deck to your unfortunate victim. 

Card Abuse Adult Card Game

Alternative Rules? Look here!

You heard that right! This is not just a drinking game. This is fucking awesome alternative card game fun.

When you match a swear word from the middle deck with your OWN card then take it and put it on your own cards. The winner of each round is the person with the MOST cards. 

Each player gets one card each. The rest of the deck is removed until the next round. On go each player turns their cards over. The aim of the game is to get rid of your card onto another players card by matching a swear word. The looser is the person left with all of the cards. 

The loser of each round has to take off an item of clothing. Try to prevent your erection from kissing your mates penis. I used to play this with your Nan. The filthy slut.

This is how the world is going to end. Play any of the methods of Card Abuse starting with whispering the swear words. Each time getting louder and louder. Yes until you can't scream any fucking louder!

Don’t be a Liquid Shit

Pick up a copy of the best drinking game here! Card Abuse! Fun for all the family if your family are all drunks.

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