Dirty Hunters The Drinking Game

The king of drinking games! Happy hunting, you Dirty Hunters, you!

Dirty Hunters

Find your colour words to make the sentence
"Go Fuck Yourself Backwards!" 

For 3-6 players. Involves double penetration, spliffs and thieving cunts!


Fun in Your Pocket

52 cards. 3-6 players and copious amounts of alcohol. (alcohol not included) Side affects include snatching, slapping and fisting. 

Dirty Hunters Card Game

You Play as These!

Please welcome...
Massive Slut Sally, Dirtbag Dave, Bitchface Brenda, Acid Head Hetty, Alchie Bob and Dull Fucker Alan.

Drinking Games

Hunt For Your Life 

Try to collect your matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously drinking.

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How To Play Dirty Hunters

Before you start each player picks a character card. For the rest of the drinking game all players must call you by your character name and not by your real name. If they don’t then they must drink!

Step 1.

Shuffle the deal out all of the GO FUCK YOURSELF BACKWARDS cards to each player. Each player looks at their cards and places down on the table (face up) any word that is in their own colour.

Step 2.

Each go has 2 parts. 1. Take an action card from the deck, read it out and do what it says then dump the card next to the deck. 2. Take one card from anyone’s hand (unless your action card says otherwise). Try and find your colour cards from the other players hands.

Step 3.

The first to collect all of your GO FUCK YOURSELF BACKWARDS cards is the winner. If the winner has any remaining cards then they can share them with the other players but avoiding giving people their own colour cards. Play until you have a big fat loser.

The King of Drinking Games!
Happy Hunting, You Dirty Hunters, You!

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