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The Offensive Games

Card Abuse Drinking Game
Card Abuse

The swear game! A drinking game full of swear words. Match the dirty words and shout abuse at each other. If you match the drinking words then you drink! Easy!

Dirty Hunters Drinking Game
Dirty Hunters

Hunt for your colour words to complete the sentence “Go Fuck Yourself Backwards”. But beware of double penetration, spliffs and thieving cunts.

Sick Stories

One of the most fun card games for adults ever! Tell a sick story using the sick words on your card without the other players finding out your hidden words.

Say What Adult Party Game
Say What?! The Adult Party Game

THE BIG ONE! As if Cards Against Humanity has been arse raped by a monkey!

Real games that make you go to hell

Adult party games for the sick and twisted with no morals. Yes that's you.

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